Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cooking local with Chef Truglas

The GreenMarket at the Alliance for the Arts (Colonial & McGregor - Saturday mornings) continues to offer the community tools to be more sustainable in their everyday life. On Saturday, Aug 13th, starting at 10 am, the GreenMarket will welcome Chef Eric Truglas, owner of French Bread Oven and partner at Lush, who will give visitors a gastronomical guided tour of delicious dishes to prepare using fresh and local ingredients. The results will be available for everyone to sample, free of charge.
Chef Truglas is a classically trained chef and master baker, who studied at the Culinary School of the University of Versailles in France before holding the position of Executive Chef at several high end restaurants, including, in this area, the Bonita Bay Club and Sanibel Harbour Resort. Active in the Slow Food movement, he specializes in using seasonally available local produce for his creations. He has authored the book “Southwest Florida Cooking With a French Flair.” 'I enjoy cooking at the GreenMarket because it allows me to improvise and be creative, and have fun with visitors and vendors', Chef Truglas explains. 'There's so much one can do using ingredients that didn't have to travel a long distance to get to market, so many interesting culinary combinations. And everything is fresher and tastes better!'
On August 13th, Chef Truglas will have different local ingredients in his culinary palette to choose from, including free range chicken and quail eggs, fresh produce, locally caught seafood, high quality olive oils infused with locally grown herbs, honey and preserves, organic microgreens, and of course, traditional French baked items, all available from local sources at the GreenMarket.

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