Friday, November 9, 2012

Civilisation & revolution

I'll take civilisation over revolution any day. Revolutionaries don't have anything to lose. If you have something to lose, a farm, children, a business, happiness in being left alone and that everybody more or less respects you and lets you do your thing, you don't want a desperado to take power and start making the decisions. And to preserve civilisation is a much higher calling than defending revolution, because revolution happens no matter what, sooner or later. Stasis doesn't exist, the world is in flux and things generally go downhill after a while. It's in the nature of the world that the barbarians always end up breaching the gates. And then forget about people stopping for schoolbuses' stop signs. Bah, forget about schoolbuses. Forget about putting something in the mail and it reaching its destination, or reaching it unopened. Forget about strolling the street without 10,000 maniacs, each trying to share his problems and views with you, expecting you do something about what they're forcing onto you.
The only revolution I want (and am pessimistic we'll achieve before civilisation passes) is in regards to how we interact with the environment. To me, doing something now about single use plastics is more important than Che, Lenin, Pol Pot and Mussolini combined...

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